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Her eyes were something that Chris had always admired about her; they were not only the most gorgeous mix of aqua and grey blue, but he found that they would always shine with warmth and intelligence. When he had first met her, back when he had been a member of S.T.A.R.S, her eyes were the first thing he noticed about her; and even after all of these years of being her partner in the horrors they faced, he hadn't managed to buckle up the courage to admit it.
And so, before they entered the Spencer Estate where Wesker was waiting for them, he kissed her.
"What was that for?" she had asked.
"For every time you looked at me and I didn't tell you how beautiful your eyes are. Now let's finish this, partner."
Chris Redfield couldn't help the smile that graced his face as he watched her eyes light up; yeah, he was in love alright.
This is just a short drabble I wrote a while ago about Jill and Chris, as I love them as a couple as well as general good friends/partners.
I'm a fangirl, sue me, ha-ha. It wasn't supposed to be long, just a short, sweet drabble. I may upload some others I wrote about other characters, too, at some point.

I do not own the characters in this story, they belong to Capcom!
Written by myself!
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It's adorable *w*
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'tiz a beautious thing <3
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short and sweet m'dear
tis quite adorables
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